International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research

Vol. 1, Issue 1, Part A (2019)

Research into/on pharmacology and pharmacognosy and natrual medicine and medical science


Reza rezaie khanghah

First of all I found lots of medicine for lots of diseases like phlegm and sore throat and headache and etc. I stated a Therapy for scrupulous and other kind of disease like this. Except disease and medical science and medicine and astronomy I have some other research into/on other fields of study. I found how stars moves at constellation and they have two general movements and in conclusion I say some of my studies here. you drink water at stand-up stance it can cause you sweat a lot. My findings support my hypothesis. My hypothesis is can we have natural medicine instead of chemicals one? Does any disease have medicine? Can we success at our life? And other hypothesis that I explain it in manuscript. Most scrutinized literature was collected from different sources including PubMed. This database has been curetted using published methods for all most all pharmaceuticals. Required information for regular method development/validation such as IUPAC name, structure, solubility, chromatographic conditions, instrumentation information like HPLC, LCMS detection parameters, sample preparations, recovery details, limit of detection and limit of quantification, Tmax, Cmax etc., for routine application in BA/BE studies of pharmaceuticals was incorporated including official pharmacopeias information such as European Pharmacopeia, Japan Pharmacopeia and US Pharmacopeia. Database includes drug based bioanalytical methods covering most required fields and external database links of important drug portals such as drug bank, Rx list, MEDLINE plus, KEGG Drug ID, KEGG Compound ID, Merck manual, PubChem compound ID, PubChem substance ID and USFDA.I use lots of studies and conducted my studies with lots of references that I said it at the end of my manuscript

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