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International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research

Vol. 4, Issue 2, Part A (2022)

Medication Adherence: Fact or Fictions?


Abdul Kader Mohiuddin


Proper use of medicine or taking medicine in correct order is essential to cure any disease. Even patients from developed nations have trouble staying on top of their drug compliance. When it comes to improper medicine use, there is an odd parallel between underdeveloped, emerging nations and the so-called developed world in the West. The key factor influencing whether patients stick to their treatment plan is their understanding and perception of the disease.

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International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research
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Abdul Kader Mohiuddin. Medication Adherence: Fact or Fictions?. Int. J. Pharm. Clin. Res. 2022;4(2):26-28. DOI: 10.33545/26647591.2022.v4.i2a.40
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